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We are building the next Shopify for field service providers with mobile first approach.

Santhosh Adari

  • Description of the idea

    Customers expect an easy experience when they order a product so why is ordering a service so difficult? Shopify has transformed the way we sell and purchase products, Mobe will change the way we sell and purchase a service. Mobe provides a fast easy way for anyone to offer their services on their own personalized app. Setting up Mobe is quick and easy. Here are the top 3 problems experienced from the Seller’s side: Service providers are not laptop people, they are mobile people, working with their hands and driving to service locations. Current mobile solutions specialize in one or two things such as a payment portal and scheduling or just payments or just scheduling or invoicing and payments. Mobile workers default to text, it's fast, but hard to keep track of threads and only for messaging. Workers have to go home and do scheduling, answer calls, send information to potential buyers or customers, work never ends. Top 3 problems from the customer side: It's hard to get information about services, pricing, availability from service providers as many do not have a website or an easy way to schedule and pay them They work with their hands during the day, they don’t have time to answer your call much less even remember you or what they did for you. Customer service is low as it’s difficult to get someone out. They mostly text or call you and it’s hard to find them again or remember what service or price they provided in the past for you
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Lanars reported that the #1 2021 web development trend is progressive web apps, #2 is AI Mobile usage is 54% of internet traffic worldwide and 50% in the US. One in three Americans—34 percent—have a side hustle. That's according to a recent Zapier conducted online by The Harris Poll. The data also shows that many of these side hustles are relatively new. Among Americans who have a side hustle, two thirds (67 percent) started it within the past three years, and about 3 in 10 (31 percent) started in 2020. Side Hustle Nation reported in May 2021 that providing local services is in the top 5 of all side hustles and the top 2 challenges for side hustlers are growth and time.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    The team Julie began working with startups in 2013 and has launched 4 startups. A mobile app for language learning. An app for exchange students in India to universities in the US. Chatlingual, providing instant language translation to global enterprise companies. Co-founding Stageforce, inventory management software. Julie has 20+ years executive experience. Santhosh has over 5 years of experience in Product Development and Innovation. Participated in Spartanburg Google startup weekend, winning third place for Meet Rx, a product to help with burndown issues for healthcare professionals.Santhosh has 10+ years of working experience in Technology and keeps his skill honed by building several apps and solutions for various clients each year.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    We will launch Mobe and use it for Marketing. We will need to hire a marketing person on a part -time basis. Our plan is to launch regionally and local. Using Social media, with a focus on local service providers and communities like Nextdoor, FB groups, podcasts as a guest or advertisements. Email campaigns Referral campaigns to users Drive users by providing big value Messaging will focus on simplifying their life. Learn from our early adopters and develop top requests to ensure we listen to users Annual awards and recognition to our users voting by their customers